I am a fellow in the Center for Philosophy of Science and History and Philosophy of Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh.
I've also worked as a Banting Fellow in the Philosophy Department at the University of Waterloo and in John Turri's Philosophical Science Lab. Before that, I completed my PhD in the Department of Philosophy at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

I specialize in epistemology, cognitive science, and moral psychology. A unifying theme of my research in these areas has been to study phenomenon such as knowledge, belief, delusion, consciousness, ability, luck, morality, expertise, and biases in light of pragmatic factors that arise in the course of practical reasoning and decision-making important for our everyday lives. I also do a lot of work on how these topics intersect research in aesthetics, philosophy of science, and metaethics.


My volume The Blackwell Companion to Experimental Philosophy is now in press. The general introduction explains what this is all about.


For introductions to some of the questions I and other emprically minded philosophers have investigated, see this review or this bibliography.

Some Press:

"UW researchers explore moral obligation" The Imprint
"Neuroscientific Prediction and Free Will" Psychology Today


This term I am teaching Philosophy 350, an upper level epistemology class on "Theories of Knowledge" and epsitemic norms. You can download my course syllabus here.

Selected Publications:

Inabilty and Obligation in Moral Judgment
Buckwalter W & Turri J, PLOS ONE 10 (8)

Descartes’s Schism, Locke’s Reunion: Completing the Pragmatic Turn in Epistemology

Turri J & Buckwalter W, American Philosophical Quarterly

Belief Through Thick and Thin

Buckwalter W, Rose D & Turri J, Noûs

Intuition Fail: Philosophical Activity and the Limits of Expertise
Buckwalter W, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Telling, Showing and Knowing: A unified theory of pedagogical norms
Buckwalter W & Turri J, Analysis 74 (1):16-20

Knowledge, Stakes, and Mistakes

Buckwalter W & Schaffer J, Noûs 49 (2):201–234

Factive Verbs and Protagonist Projection

Buckwalter W, Episteme 11, 4 391–409

Function and Feeling Machines: A defense of the philosophical conception of subjective experience

Buckwalter W & Phelan M, Philosophical Studies 166 (2):349-361

Knowledge and Luck

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Neuroscientific Prediction and the Intrusion of Intuitive Metaphysics
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When Words Speak Louder Than Actions: Delusion, Belief, and the Power of Assertion

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The Epistemic Side-Effect Effect
Beebe J R & Buckwalter W, Mind and Language 25 (4):474-498

To see a long list of all my publications, check out on my philpapers profile.